Operation Christmas Child
Working with Samaritan's Purse I created over 12 paper unfolding rigged models, from cars, trucks and helicopters, to houses and interior furniture like a TV and Couch.
I used various techniques inside of Cinema 4D for rigging these assets. Many of them were setup with each fold being weighted to individual joints. Then using Xpresso I created user data controllers to bend and fold each paper flap in the right direction with constraints so that they would only fold a certain amount. I also created a single user data slider to control the entire folding process making the rig ready to go and easy to use for the animators.

Another common workflow included using the pose morph tag to blend between different states that I had sculpted the polys too. The pose morph tag. I still dream about it at night...
Modelling and Rigging: Chris Arnold
Producer: Jun Oh
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